In my travels, I’ve always kept my eye out for boxes – boxes of all shapes and sizes!
When I first started going on buying trips with my old chum Alexander (Sandy) Lamb, we really didn’t have an idea what some boxes could be worth, so in order to offset too much ‘personal financial loss’ 😉 we shared the cost of the purchases.
In one instance, we bought an 18thc. tortoiseshell tea caddy for $120, hesitatingly paying $60 each.
Not knowing where to sell it for more than $120, we dropped it off at Lund’s auction house and imagine our surprise when old John Boyle dropped the hammer on the lot at a cool $750!

Of course, then we both wished we’d bought it under our own steam so we wouldn’t have had to share the profits… 🙂

Below are some of the boxes in my collection.