Canadian Pottery – Harlan House vase – Alberta – coll.#62

Canadian Pottery - Harlan House vase, 1970, ht. 5″ - Calgary, Alberta

Harlan House vase

Canadian Pottery – Harlan House vase, ht. 5″, dated 1970 – Calgary, Alberta. coll.#62

Produced 1970 at the “Clay Association” in Calgary.
The Clay Association was formed in 1969 as a joint venture by Ted Diakow, Walter Drohan and Harlan House. The pot bears the logo of the group plus Harlan’s early chop.

Harlan House writes:
The black glaze is called “Blackstone” and came from Walter Drohan and the Alberta College of Art. The blue glaze was called “Lithium Blue” and was one of Bert Borsch‘s – Bert was one of my instructors in 1969. The clay is from Medicine Hat and is one of the first made by Plainsman Clays.

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