Canadian Pottery vase – M. Gravelle, Dawson Creek – coll.#131

M. Gravelle vase Ht 9-1/2″

Gravelle vase

Glazed Earthenware vase incised “Gravelle – Dawson Creek”, ht 9-1/2″ – coll.#131

Some time ago I researched this pottery vase and discovered that “Gravelle” was the surname of a teacher who worked in Northern British Columbia and gave classes in pottery making.
I believe she also may have taught in the Prince Rupert school district, as I recall seeing other “Gravelle” pots with the Prince Rupert location incised.

Unfortunately, I cannot locate the source documents to support my research – if anyone has more information on “Gravelle” please contact me or leave a comment below.

Thanks, Larry

update: I located another Gravelle vase today that was signed “M. Gravelle” and dated 1968, so I’m adding the M.initial to the listing. (Nov 8th 2018)

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