Canadian Pottery vase – M. Gravelle, Dawson Creek – coll.#131

M. Gravelle vase Ht 9-1/2″

Gravelle vase

Glazed Earthenware vase incised “Gravelle – Dawson Creek”, ht 9-1/2″ – coll.#131

Some time ago I researched this pottery vase and discovered that “Gravelle” was the surname of a teacher who worked in Northern British Columbia and gave classes in pottery making.
I believe she also may have taught in the Prince Rupert school district, as I recall seeing other “Gravelle” pots with the Prince Rupert location incised.

Unfortunately, I cannot locate the source documents to support my research – if anyone has more information on “Gravelle” please contact me or leave a comment below.

Thanks, Larry

update: I located another Gravelle vase today that was signed “M. Gravelle” and dated 1968, so I’m adding the M.initial to the listing. (Nov 8th 2018)

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  1. I knew Mary very well in the late 60’s and have several of her pots. Yes she did give classes. Her and her husband Joe got clay from river banks of (I think Sukunka) and it was used in her clay making ventures. Hope you find this interesting. Larry from Dawson Creek Bc.

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