Canadian Pottery – Bob Kingsmill vase – British Columbia – coll.#63

Canadian Pottery - Bob Kingsmill vase, 1972, ht. 8″ - British Columbia

Bob Kingsmill vase

Canadian Pottery – Bob Kingsmill vase, ht. 8″ dated 1972 – Vernon, British Columbia. coll.#63

One of my favorite pieces, I picked up this vase sometime in the late 1970’s. I find the spotted lilac glaze spectacular both in colour and application, with the heavy flow stopping at exactly the right place above the foot. Funnily enough though, when I spoke to Bob about this vase, he told me the glaze colour was “accidental” – he was attempting another effect entirely!

Originally, (but now worn away) the vase had a 1-1/4″ yellow paper sticker on the base with a partially read large and ornate “BC” with a “pott.. 1972” dialog under the BC – I think this must have been from an exhibition at the time. The vase is incised with Bob Kingsmill‘s “K and two dots” logo.

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