Canadian Pottery – Adolf & Louise Schwenk vase – British Columbia – coll.#73

Canadian Pottery - Adolf & Louise Schwenk vase, ht. 6-1/2" Penticton - British Columbia

Adolf & Louise Schwenk vase

Adolf & Louise Schwenk pottery vase, ht. 6-1/2″ – Schwenk Pottery, Penticton, B.C. coll.#73

In the later 1950s, Louise Bowman Schwenk took a class from pottery instructor Reg Dixon. The next year she attended the Vancouver School of Art with her husband, Adolf Schwenk, a painter. Afterward, Louise and Adolf took their expertise back to their log cabin near Penticton, and making use of the local clay, they built up a successful pottery. Louise was the thrower and Adolf the painter. Their work was exhibited across Canada and in 1966 they were awarded a year of study in Europe by the Canada Arts Council. Louise tragically passed away while visiting the Leach pottery in England. [Information extracted from “Origins of a Ceramic Culture: The First Fifty Years of the BC Potters Guild 1955 – 2005” by Debra Sloan.]

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  1. I have a large Schwenk bowl I understand was part of the exhibit that won the award from the Canada Arts Council. I also have eight of their mugs. These items were purchased from the Schwenks in Penticton. It is beautiful pottery.

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