Canadian Pottery

Adolf & Louise Schwenk, Penticton

I’ve been a fan of our Canadian pottery folks ever since I had a metal smithing booth at the first Courtenay faire back in the 70’s.   Wandering through the stalls at Courtenay, Bear Creek and the other big fairs that summer, I ran into a lot of craftspeople selling their wares and got to see some of the early days of the movement.

Marketing wasn’t easy in those days but pioneers like Yetta Lees and her Circle Craft started my personal ball rolling – promoting crafts into what was to become the craft heritage we know today.  Always being a fan of things hand-made, I gleaned a few pieces over the years – the pictures below are of some of the things I picked up along the way.  Most, but not all of the collection originates from BC, although some of the pieces were made in distant provinces  – far away and long before I had a clue!


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