CVM Murano Martinuzzi Pulegoso Bowl – coll.#GL10

Venini Murano pulegoso bowl

Venini Murano 1920’s ht. 2-1/2″, etched CVM

1920’s Venini CVM Murano Napoleone Martinuzzi Pulegoso Bowl ht. 2-1/2″, underside acid-etched with Venezia Murano Italia and surmounted with CVM crown. – coll.#GL10

For a similar example see: Marina Barovier, Napoleone Martinuzzi Maestro Vetraio del Novecento, Padua, 2001, illustrated p. 73

Compagnia Venezia Murano (CVM) founded in 1866, was a prominent Venetian retailer of furniture and decorative objects. The firm offered glassware produced by prestigious European makers including Galle, Daum and Venini. During the 1920’s, CVM frequently marked its merchandise, produced by outside firms, with an acid-etched crown.

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